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You want to be able to enjoy your meals,  but you’ve been struggling with your gut health far too long. You dream of feeling free of constipation and uncomfortable bowel movements, satisfied after eating, and filled with energy, but in reality, you feel:

  • TIRED – It’s all you can do to make it through the day without falling asleep at your desk or dozing off on the couch, and you have zero energy to engage in the activities you love!
  • SICK – Your digestion is a mess, your joints and muscles ache, you have a long list of symptoms including headaches, allergies, rashes and other issues that are holding you back from enjoying your life!
  • FRUSTRATED – You’ve tried countless fad detoxes, diets, and cleanses, and nothing works. Every new regimen leaves you feeling hungry, deprived, and cranky, and if you “cheat”, you feel guilty and angry with yourself.
  • DOWN – You want to feel body-positive, but deep down, you know that your poor gut health is causing external issues. Your clothes don’t fit right, you dread occasions where you have to dress up, and some days, you just wonder how you let yourself go.

You are not alone in feeling this way, but there IS hope!

We know this because we’ve been EXACTLY where you are right now.

Who are The Gut Drs?

A group of Doctors with 20 yrs of clinical experience that recognized educating and addressing gut health can unlock transformative change in addressing ones health issues.

Doctors who were patients themselves in their own wellness journey.

Along with Dr. Jasmina Patel D.C.The Gut Drs Advisory Board consists of various Dr’s highly sought out for their clinical experience & expertise:

  • Dr. Andre Hines D.C. has a Sports Medicine & Exercise Science background. He is the founder of multiple wellness clinics including B2L (Back 2 Life) & its multiple locations as well as, Director of CLI Integrative Medicine.
  • Dr. Nisreen Tayebjee D.C., DACNB, FIBFN-FN is a Board Certified Chiropractic neurologist and Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Nutrition.
  • Dr. Terel Newton, MD is an Anesthesiology Specialist, Researcher that focuses on Non-Surgical Interventional Pain Management Techniques.

With over 20 years of clinical experience serving patients in our respective specialties we all acknowledge that Leaky Gut not only affects the digestive system but other aspects of health paving the way for a wide variety of issues we saw our patients deal with. We ourselves have been the patient be it for joint pain, autoimmune issues, digestive, weight gain, & food sensitivities thus recognize the significance in addressing Leaky Gut to obtain results to live healthier.

Therefore, we value every individuals wellness journey (DIY, Thrive, Transformation) as unique and as The Gut Drs offer both self-paced programs for those beginning their path to wellness to those ready for transformative change via The Trust Your Gut Program customized with labs, supplementation, and guidance to embracing & implementing a sustainable lifestyle.  

Dr. Jasmina Patel

Meet Dr. Patel


Dr. Jasmina Patel is Co-Founder of The Gut Drs who helps women discover the power & benefits of a healthy gut through our Trust Your Gut Program. Her area of focus helps women restore their health & quality of life for various health conditions often ignored by traditional medicine.

A passion stemming from her own journey which led to this natural, drug-free, holistic approach that has ignited results for hundreds of those wanting to address the root cause of their health issues and thrive for optimum function.

Let me tell you a story

Ever since I was young, I have always had trouble with my stomach. I spent most of my years relying on acid reducers, and everything I ate caused my body distress. I felt bloated often, struggled with constipation, and I was at a loss for what to do about it. So, I did what most people do and I read every book, tried every program, and well… nothing worked for me.

My stomach would ache afterward, my pants fit tight, and going to the bathroom was a less than pleasant experience with all the cramping and difficult.

Now, I know that the food I was eating weren’t nourishing my body and benefiting my gut. They were making the problems worse! Until I truly dug in and gained the knowledge, I had no idea how my gut was being impacted my what I was eating.

Hitting Rock bottom

My gut problems persisted. They didn’t improve because I kept eating all of the foods that were making the problems worse. I wasn’t paying close attention to how certain foods were making my stomach feel.

Gut Health

I was frustrated and thought my body wasn’t working quite right. This was all because I was just feeding my gut problems. Even worse, I felt exhausted, sick, and moody all the time. I never had any energy, my body hurt, and my digestion was a mess.

It was when I realized that my poor gut health and all the symptoms I faced every day were keeping me from being the person I dreamed of being! I wasn’t emotionally present at all.

My Journey To Healing

I began to look more closely at my life and at my diet, suddenly realizing that the food I was eating was just contributing to the problem. All it took was a bit of research for me to see what I needed to see. The food I was eating were having a negative impact on my gut. Then my poor gut health was having a negative impact on the rest of my health and my life.

So, of course, my first step was to change the food I was eating every day. It was tricky to get used to because I had never considered what I was eating. I bought and ate the food that I wanted to. I wasn’t previously concerned about my health.

My research led me to realize that my gut health is connected to the rest of my health. So, after hours of research and plenty of time figuring out what worked best for my body, I ditched all those gut issues. As a result, I ditched a ton of other issues.

What a difference this made!

In just a few weeks, I saw a change. I was less grumpy, had less stomach pains and felt better as a whole. Since then, I’ve only gotten better.

A New Found Purpose

My experience changed my life in wonderful ways, and now, I’m on a path to help others! I want to help you reclaim your life by getting your gut in great shape!

In order to best help others, I enrolled in [Insert School or Certification Program] so I could learn as much as I could about nutrition. Now, as a Certified Health Coach, I have the passion, experience, and knowledge to help you achieve your health goals and kick those gut issues to the curb for good.

In addition to helping you get your gut in the right place so you can live a healthy, comfortable life, I also have the personal experience to guide you and support you as you work to reach your health goals and reclaim your life!

"I remember scrolling through IG stories when I saw my former doctor post about his 100 pound weight loss. Being that I was on my weight loss journey, I inquired. He led me to his wife Dr. Jasmina. She told me about the Trust Your Gut program and how it helped her husband lose those pounds. I was excited and I hadn’t heard what the program involved.

Once she explain the details and revealed that leaky gut syndrome might be the culprit behind a lot of my health issues I made a decision to invest in the program. I didn’t get started right away but with some nudging, Dr. Jasmina got me going. That’s one thing about Dr. Jasmina, she doesn’t let you slip through the tracks. In December 2019, I started. I just felt focused. Like this was life or death for me or maybe I was just tired of the yoyo cycles with my weight, mental health issues and overall disappointment of not reaching my health goals.

I made a commitment even through the holidays. I stuck to the regimen that was prescribed. I started experimenting with my own recipes. After all 3 phases of the program, I was 20 pounds lighter and more knowledgeable about the foods that were best for me to maintain my health. I am so thankful that I connected with Dr. Jasmina. This program kickstarted a brand new lifestyle of conscious eating, which led to adopting a whole foods plant-based diet. I am eternally grateful."
Shameka The Gut Drs.
Shameka J.

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